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My name is Doreen Akiyo Yomoah. I am a radical feminist writer and researcher. In my day job, I work at an international organization in Geneva. By night, I blog (sporadically). You can findme on Twitter at @dyomoah, and on my blog, Childree African.

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Hi, I'm Franziska Egli Beller, Swiss born with Swiss, French and Italian roots. I have been a Women rights activist in Geneva  for over 10 years now. Professionally I own and run an executive search company. 

Today I am very concerned with the  lack of respectful dialogue in politics all over the world and the increase in xenophobic, racist, nationalistic, populistic and sexist movements. That's why I march and want to be active promoting and defending civil and human rights.


My name is Isabella. I am Swiss, Austrian and Dominican. I study Law at the University of Geneva. I love reading, taking pictures and playing nerdy games with my friends while talking about world peace. I joined Women’s March Geneva to fight against racism, homophobia, sexism and hate. I know we will reach our goal and I hope YOU will join us.


Hi, I'm Isobel, I have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Emerging Economies and Inclusive Development with a focus on gender from King’s College London. I have worked in various areas of international development including cooperation and development for the EU in China, peace building and state building for the OECD and in environmental affairs for the UN, both in Paris. I now work in Geneva mainly on UN affairs relating to peace building and the prevention of violent conflict, the human impacts of climate change and food and sustainability.


Native to California, I have lived in the Swiss countryside for twelve years now.  I would like to make the world a better place for my teenaged daughter and all other girls and women. I helped plan the very first Geneva Women's March in January 2017 and have stayed involved in the Association since then.

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