9th June

We participated in FoxDrop's Plastic Attack Genève to

raise awareness of the excessive amount of plastic used

in grocery stores and our daily lives


19th April

We hosted Light After Darkness: A Vision of Haiti

in celebration of #EarthDay. 

March 8th

In celebration of #internationalwomensday2018

we have launched our podcast,

We Can't Keep Quiet.

Download it on SoundCloud or iTunes. Happy #IWD2018!

Jan. 21st


One year anniversary of the first women's march protest in the US and all over the world.

Anniversary Events / Global Livestream on Womens March Global Website


Nov. 25th

Int’l Day for the elimination of violence against women - participation in assembly at Place de la Navigation. WMG participated in the assembly which took place in the Pâquis to raise awareness among our citizens about forms and occurrence of violence against women in Switzerland. Networking and exchange of ideas among associations present : Association des Familles Monoparentales, Osez le Féminisime Suisse, Ruban blanc, 360 Groupe Trans, Couleurs de femmes, Décadrée News. Information stalls on these issues, exhibition and speeches by three associations.

Oct. 11th

Int’l Day of the girl – discussion with students of article about climate change that affects differently girls/women than boys/men, Ecolint LGB Campus

Sept. 30th

social media action – Sick of waiting regarding refugee crisis in Europe

Sept. 21st

Int’l Day of Peace – candle vigil at BdP

For the 2017 International Day of Peace on 21st September, Women's March Geneva marked the occasion with two events.  Firstly, on the 20th September, Doreen, Isobel and Rorie from Women's March Geneva gave a Facebook Live discussion on what peace means to them and in the wider context, and how it fits in with Women's March goal of ensuring social justice for all. Then the next day, on the 21st itself, Women’s March Geneva stood in union with global chapters around the world, marking the day as a day of remembrance of those whose lives have been lost to violence, war, displacement. We convened at the end of the Bain des Pâquis, a pier in Lake Geneva, for a candlelight vigil and discussions on peace as the sun went down. A quote which resonated from both discussions was that of J. Ann Tickner (1992), the author of 'Gender in International Relations',


“The achievement of peace, social justice and ecological sustainability is inseparable from overcoming social relations of domination and subordination. Genuine security requires not only the absence of war, but also elimination of unjust social relations, including unequal gender relations.”

 June 20th

World Refugee Day – participation at dinner organized by ?, Wish Tree, Bois de la Bâtie

June 7th

Standing Rock – participation and dinner organized by WMG at Bains de Pâquis (BdP)

March 8th

Participation in the march in ZH & participation in Conference of Amnesty International in Geneva

Monthly book club discussion

Jan. 21st

March in Geneva